Install and Upgrade Hyper-Q Standard UDFs

Datometry Hyper-Q utilizes user defined functions (UDFs) to implement standard functionality. These are referred to as "Standard UDFs". These UDFs are distributed as source definitions with each Hyper-Q release. It is required to install the UDF definitions included with a release when installing or upgrading to that release as follows:

  1. Install or upgrade Hyper-Q using the RPM packages.
  2. Locate the UDF source files in the folder /opt/datometry/dtm/udf/standard.
  3. [optional] If using a non-standard MD store setup, adjust the schema in the UDF source files to match your setup by replacing __DTM_MDSTORE with the appropriate schema name.
  4. Execute the SQL contained in all UDF source files directly on the target data warehouse using any suitable database client to connect directly to the target data warehouse (psql, sqlcmd, SSMS, SQL Workbench/J). The UDFs are installed into the MD Store schema. Therefore, a database user with permission to create functions in that schema is required to perform this step.

Note that the above steps only need to be performed once per data warehouse instance, independent of the size of the Hyper-Q cluster connecting to the data warehouse instance.

Some database clients require explicit batch handling to split multiple requests in the same file. For instructions how to process batch files with sqlcmd please refer to this article.

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