Configure Google IAM Authentication for Hyper-Q and BigQuery

Datometry Hyper-Q integrates with Google Identity and Access Management (IAM) to authenticate existing client applications on BigQuery using OAuth 2.0 and the BigQuery REST interface. OAuth 2.0 provides a secure way for Hyper-Q and your applications to access BigQuery without having to store and use Hyper-Q passwords, which is sensitive information.

The steps to configure Google IAM for use with Hyper-Q and BigQuery are:

  1. Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID.
  2. Authorize Hyper-Q to access BigQuery.
  3. Generate a refresh token.
  4. Create client credentials.

To learn how to use Google IAM to authentication with Hyper-Q and BigQuery, see Datometry Hyper-Q for Google BigQuery Installation and Set-up.

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