Datometry Hyper-Q Standard Edition for Azure – Quickstart

If you are familiar with Azure and have a SQL Data Warehouse cluster set up, the following steps will quickly get you up an running Datometry Hyper-Q Standard Edition for Azure:

    1. Launch an instance of Hyper-Q:
      1. On the product page for Hyper-Q on the Azure Marketplace or the Azure Portal, select "Create" to invoke the wizard for creating a virtual machine.
      2. Go through the steps of creating a virtual machine on Azure and note down the credentials you provide (Username and Password or SSH key).
      3. On the summary page, select "Purchase".
    2. Configure your instance:
      1. When the instance is ready, point your web browser to the IP address or the DNS name of the Hyper-Q instance
      2. In the configuration tool, provide hostname and database name of your SQL Data Warehouse cluster:
      3. Screen_Shot_2017-08-15_at_11.33.23_AM.png

      4. Once all of the fields have been completed, the configuration tool will perform a basic check to confirm connectivity. Then, the configuration is saved and Hyper-Q is started. You will see a confirmation message with the host of your Hyper-Q instance:
        Hyper-Q is now running. Use any Teradata client to connect to <host>
Congratulation! Your Hyper-Q instance is now configured and you can connect to it using a Teradata client.
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