Installation Guide Datometry Hyper-Q for Pivotal Data Suite


Installation & Configuration

  1. Download and extract the distribution archive from PivNet:
    tar xzf dtm-2.5.21+b3180-el6.x86_64.tar.gz
  2. Run extracted installer:
  3. Go to installation folder:
    cd dtm-2.5.21+b3180
  4. Edit configuration file:
    ${EDITOR} config/dtm.ini
    set "endpoint".database to the name of your database
    set "gateway".host to the hostname of the Greenplum database server
  5. Copy ODBC driver registry:
    cp /etc/odbcinst.ini config/odbcinst.ini
    NOTE: if the driver is registered under a name different from "PostgreSQL Unicode", change the line "gateway".connection_string in config/dtm.ini accordingly
  6. Launch Hyper-Q:
    bin/dtm start

Application Configuration

  1. Point your existing Teradata application at the host where Hyper-Q is running
  2. Run queries/workloads/applications!
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