Configuring ODBC Gateways

Gateways or gateway systems are the downstream systems to which applications connect through Datometry Hyper-Q. Hyper-Q connects to a gateway system using an ODBC driver that matches the gateway system. Gateway systems are configured in the [gateways] section of Hyper-Q's configuration file dtm.ini. Each gateway is represented by a set of configuration properties grouped together by a shared prefix. For example, an entry for a Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse, looks as follows:

"gateway1".name = "sqldw_gateway"
"gateway1".is_odbc_gateway = true
"gateway1".connection_string = "Driver=ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server;Server=__HOST__;Port=__PORT__;Database=__DATABASE__;Uid=__USER__;Pwd=__PASSWORD__"
"gateway1".host = ""
"gateway1".port = 1433
"gateway1".tls = prefer
"gateway1".ipv = 4
"gateway1".type = msadw
"gateway1".version = "100000"

To configure a gateway system in Hyper-Q:

  1. In the supplied sample configuration file, find the gateway entry in the [gateways] section.
  2. Set the values for "host" and "port" to match your actual instance.
  3. Set the values for "connection_string", "type", and "version" according to the kind of the downstream system.

Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse
connection_string: Driver=ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server;Server=__HOST__;Port=__PORT__;Database=__DATABASE__;Uid=__USER__;Pwd=__PASSWORD__
type: msadw
version: 100000

Greenplum Database
connection_string: Driver=PostgreSQL Unicode;Server=__HOST__;Port=__PORT__;Database=__DATABASE__;Uid=__USER__;Pwd=__PASSWORD__
type: greenplum
version: 04030600

Cloudera Apache Impala
connection_string: Driver=Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala 64-bit;Host=__HOST__;Port=__PORT__;Database=__DATABASE__;Uid=__USER__;Pwd=__PASSWORD__;UseNativeQuery=1
type: impalaversion: 020000

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